CANNON from Hanover were founded in 1986 with the line-up
Mat Rein Jähnke (vocals), Walter Mueller (guitar), Steve Carrington (bass)
Oliver Krueger (lead guitars) and Mats Toralf (drums).


appears the debut album "Thunder And Lightning". Leading music magazines
like the Metal Hammer rated the album 5 out of 7 points.

1988-1994 absolve CANNON numerous of live performances.
1994 left the drummer Mats Toralf the band.
1996 also the singer Mat Rein Jähnke
left the band. A little later CANNON broke up completely.

But sometimes things turn out differently than you think.

May 2003,

the former CANNON members Steve Carrington and Mat Rein Jähnke met by chance at a concert.

They started talking and found, that the desire on "making music" still existed.

The other original members were contacted and discussions were held how a CANNON Reunion could be managed.

All except Mats Toralf were back again. CANNON existed as a band again.

In November 2003,

the band began working on new songs and record them.

CANNON signed a European record deal for the double album
"The History" at Point Music.
The double CD consists of the unreleased album "Time Riders" and a remastered
Version of "Thunder & Lightning".


the album "Back in Business" on Point Music is published.


After the successful release of "Back In Business" by POINT-Music in Europe, the US Label METAL MAYHEM MUSIC has taken the band for worldwide release (outside Europe) under contract.
The album will be released with a completely new cover artwork and new packaging.


"Thunder and Lightning" appears as a re-released with Metal Mayhem (in the "Collector's Series").


Cannon 2008


"METAL STYLE" released by US label Metal Mayhem Music.


"Burning Love" appears on the German label YESTERROCK.

unfortunately left Walter R. Mueller and Matthias Jähnke the band.
Steve Carrington and Oliver Krüger produce new songs and looking for musicians for the new band Cannon.

March 2014
After a long search they
found with Thomas Fallschessel  a singer who gives

the music of Cannon a new voice.

April 2014
With Shawn Layer on the drums Cannon is now complete again.


"Next Level" appears on the German label Phonector.

September 2019
"Inner Fire" is released via the label Calygram.